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At nearly 70%, Ypsilanti has the highest percentage of rental households in the state. Amber commits to both support tenant unions, and fight landlord monopolies—which are at the root of housing injustice, especially for low-income, bipoc, disabled, lgbtqia+, immigrant, single parent, senior, and student residents.

Amber's record

Struck historic affordable housing deal chair of the 220 N. Park Community Benefits Agreement committee, mandating houses available to those making $34,000 a year, with 90-day prioritization for City of Ypsilanti residents.

Defended renters from landlord abuse defining housing vouchers and student loans as protected Sources of Income in our Non Discrimination Ordinance; protected renters and workers from discrimination due to immigration status or gender expression.

Repeal ban on rent control

Wrote a repeal to the ban on rent control which was adopted by the MDP Platform.


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