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At nearly 70%, Ypsilanti has the highest percentage of rental households in the state. The rising costs of rent (10% increase in the last two years) and worsening conditions of rental units in Ypsilanti intersect with every other issue—Black and brown, disabled, queer and trans, immigrants, and fixed-income residents are all overrepresented in Ypsi’s rental market. At the same time, 26% of Ypsilanti Community Students are experiencing homelessness and more are insecure. Amber is committed to challenge the landlord monopolies, advocate for the end of the state-wide rent control ban, ramp up tenant protections, create avenues for homeownership to existing residents, end homelessness and insecurity as we know it. 



  • fight landlord monopolies

  • advocate for the end of the state-wide rent control ban   

  • build housing that is affordable to Ypsilanti residents

  • update and renew the Community Benefits Ordinance         

  • enact vacancy tax, tenant right-of-first refusal, affordability ordinance, short-term rental limits         

  • assist first-time homeownership for existing residents

  • open city-owned lots to van and motorhome parking


  • Successfully fighting the gentrification development ‘International Village’ with Defend Affordable Ypsi in 2017

  • Successfully helped create and pass the ‘Community Benefits Ordinance’ with REDY in 2018 to give residents the power to negotiate with developers for benefits to the community

  • Wrote a repeal of the state-wide rent control ban that was adopted by the Michigan Democratic Party Platform

  • Co-wrote and gathered signatures for a Tenant Protections ballot initiative in 2020

  • Led the resident negotiations with developers for the upcoming 220 N. Park affordable housing development which is bringing housing that is affordable to existing residents of Ypsilanti who are first-time homebuyers


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